New/Reroof Contracting

LaDuke Roofing & Sheet Metal is fully qualified and ready to contract for all your roofing needs. We are capable of designing new systems, tearing off and replacing an existing roof, or even just performing some much needed repairs.

We also understand the logistics behind a complicated project. As a result we follow strict guidelines for material storage, proper installation procedures, inspections, and cleanup. We stand by our work and make sure that our customers are fully protected by their warranties. Furthermore, we put forth our strongest efforts to provide safe conditions for everyone involved in the construction process.

LaDuke Roofing & Sheet Metal has been between you and the weather since 1932!

Preventative Maintenance

After more than 75 years of industry experience, we have found that a little extra care for your roof today will pay off with big savings tomorrow.  Money spent on roofing repairs is often unexpected and unbudgeted.  That's why we developed a customoizable preventative policy to protect our customers.

Preventative maintenance is designed to stop problems before they happen.  It is your best insurance against costly replacements because YOU stay in control of your roof.

When you enroll in our preventative maintenance program, you will receive a full inspection of your roofing system system followed by a thorough report on its condition. We store all system details on our tracking system to create a digital history of your facility so that we can identify failing areas in need of repair. We will provide you with recommendations, estimates, and services.

For more information on what preventative maintenance includes, please return to our homepage and download our Guide to Protecting the Investment Value of Your Roof.  It breaks down why preventative maintenance is especially effective, the costs and benefits of adding a policy, and why your roof will thank you for the attention.

Click here to view a sample report

Sheet Metal

LaDuke Roofing has a complete sheet metal shop to fabricate all the metal accessories that complete a roof system. This includes edgings, copings, vents, roof curbs, and other metal products. If necessary, we can provide pre-formed metal panels and products.

Aluminum and stainless steel systems are customizable in color and shape. Please contact us for individual recommendations.

Green Roofing

Did you know that your roof can help you take environmental leadership in your industry?  Green roofing initiatives may lower your facility's energy costs and earn LEED points.  Here are a few ways that LaDuke Roofing is committed to providing Earth friendly solutions:

Reflective Membranes
White membranes reflect sunlight and reduce heat transfer.  They result in a much cooler roof temperature.  A white roof can significantly lower air conditioning costs, especially during the the hot summer months. Reflective options include membrane material and coatings that may be able to be applied directly over your existing system.

Garden Roofing Systems
Roof gardens also have a great cooling effect.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, they supply a natural habitat for wildlife and water conservation.  Roof gardens may even prolong the life of your entire roofing system because they mitigate your building's exposure to the elements.

Storm Water Retention
Adding a layer of gravel to your existing roof will halp decrease rainwater runoff.  Ballasted systems can retain in excess of 45-65% of a 1" rainfall over a 24 hour period.  This water then evaporates harmlessly back into the environment and our sewers remain free from storm burden.

Solar Options
Installing solar panels is the best way to reduce energy grid dependance.  Photovoltaic cells look great, increase the value of your building, and produce clean energy.  We will work with your electrician to build a long-lasting and efficient system.

Emergency Repairs

We are available to perform emergency repairs.  Call (248)-414-6600 or for further instructions if after hours.